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Etching AccessoriesEtching Accessories

In this section we have every accessory you need for Intaglio printing. These essential tools provide all the basics to etch both acrylic and zinc etching plates so you can create highly detailed intaglio plates and achieve fantastic results every time you use them. Intaglio printing requires very detailed etching, which is why we offer a variety of etching points. With an etching point to suit every budget, you can choose from our basic wooden-grip points to our metal etching point, each offering a variety of tips to try out. Once you have picked your etching tool and etched out your design, you’ll need the correct tools to apply ink to your plate for an even finish. Thankfully, we also offer all those tools as well - with our Easy Etch Starter Kit being the best place to begin as it comes with everything you need to finish your project.