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Protect your books by binding them yourself. Homecrafts stocks all the materials you need to bind books, so you can protect existing books or make your very own completed book in a choice of finishes. If you have books that are looking worse for wear you can extend their shelf life by backing them with a replacement book covering. A time-honoured tradition, this will help you to preserve the books contents with a few simple steps. At Homecrafts we have a choice of covering from paper to fabric and all the tools you will need for bookbinding so you can try it for yourself. Bookbinding isn’t just for preserving books you already have – there are many things you can create. How about making your own special keepsake, such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday photo album. Maybe you could create your own personalised diary or journal, a family history, an artisanal menu for restaurant, café or bar proprietors - the options are endless. Aside from creating things for your own enjoyment, bookbinding makes for a great gift for the writer in the family. It’s also a brilliant way of organising your books, improving the aesthetics of your bookshelf by ensuring all your books match.