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Watercolour Paper

Watercolour PaperWatercolour Paper

Choose from our range of high quality watercolour paper - from rolls and pads to single sheets. Watercolour painting is one of the most easily accessible forms of art, but if you don’t have the correct paper the finish won’t live up to its potential. With our choice of paper, you can ensure that results look fantastic each and every time, whether it’s just a rough draft or your final finished artwork. Choose the heaviest watercolour paper to avoid warping as you paint. If you use the wrong type of paper it will absorb too much water. A good-quality watercolour paper has a slightly rough textured finish that enables the pigment to bond better with the paper as well as giving the finished work a more natural texture. The perfect watercolour paper depends on your requirements and your preference and we have a type to suit every need. Choose from quality ranging from 190gsm to 300gsm all of which are available at exceptional prices.