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Special Paper

Special PaperSpecial Paper

Choose from our assortment of special papers. More than a medium for pencil, pen or paint, this selection of special papers brings together a diverse range of papers that will come in handy when crafting.If you’re looking to make a duplicate of your image, we offer packs of 10 A4 carbon paper sheets that make copying simple. These sheets are embedded with a loose pigment that transfers to paper under pressure - so you can literally draw two images at the same time. Not content with traditional black, we offer an assortment of coloured carbon papers giving you a choice of red, blue, yellow, green and white. Great for structures and model making, Tyvek paper is a unique special paper made from spun bonded polythene – this makes it react and change in form when subjected to heat, allowing you to create structures of all shapes and sizes. Of course, we also supply a choice of high quality tracing papers - so if you want to duplicate your image tracing paper is a fantastic alternative to carbon paper.