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Our range of plastics are perfect for making cost-effective crafts that are built to last. We stock a variety of plastic base materials perfect for model-making, jewellery, structures, decorations and more. If you’re making large structures, choose from thick acrylic sheets in clear and fluorescent or Corex as your base material. These three products are available in large format sheets and each offer a unique array of properties specifically suited to a number of crafts. If you’re looking for plastic that is a little more delicate we have a choice of plastic sheet material that is most suitable for melting, shrinking and vacuum forming. Alternatively, we have an incredible material called Polymorph. These small polymer pellets become mouldable in hot water - so you don’t need any expensive equipment to use them - making them perfect for prototyping and model making. We also stock Dip-It Fantasy Film - one of our most popular products - a one-pot quick drying liquid plastic that can be used to make opaque or transparent wire-framed plastics such as decorations or jewellery.