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An incredible, versatile medium and a fantastic building-block for model-making and creative 3D artworks, craft foam is one of our most popular sellers perhaps because we stock one of the most comprehensive high-quality ranges on the internet! Our collection of craft foam comes in almost every colour and type imaginable. Choose from Styrofoam, Neoprene, Zote Foam, PVC Foam, Polystyrene and Flexi Tube in an assortment of sheet, block form or foam rolls. We even offer an assortment of 200 pre-cut neoprene shapes which are great for creating things without needing to use a craft blade. Generally considered a base material, foam is a true craft staple. Use it as a mount to give your artwork both depth and protection or if you’re into model-making carve it to your requirements to create your own armature. Versatile and inexpensive can you afford not to take advantage of these fantastic prices?