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If you’re creating models using fabric then take a look at this fantastic selection of fabric products. At Homecrafts, we love model-making, which is why we have a fantastic collection of modelling materials ranging from clay to fabric. If you’re looking for a base material we stock a choice of modelling muslin, which is exceptionally versatile and great if you’re on a budget. Alternatively, we have a choice of felts which give you a more luxurious finish that works well when creating things like hats, masks or models with texture such as model railway landscapes. For those who want to stiffen an existing fabric, we have a choice of Pebeo Deco Form or Paverpol Liquid, both of which will take a normal flexible fabric and turn it into a rigid sculpture. With these products, you can shape your final fabric freehand or use wire mesh and glue to create your fabric sculpture and hold it in place until it sets.