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Special Glazes

Special GlazesSpecial Glazes

If you’re searching for a non-standard glaze for your pottery, take a look at our special glazes section, which has a range of unique glazes you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. Creating a piece of ceramicware that’s truly original can be very difficult, but when you apply one of our special glazes to it you can really make your finished work completely individual. We have three easy to use standout products that will give your pottery a completely unique finish. If you want to break-up a solid boring colour, our speckle effect glazes offer a simple method of adding a speckle finish to your glaze which work really well against solid colours. Alternatively, glaze crystals can add anything from a dotted finish to a melted oil effect giving you a fun and unexpected glaze. Finally, why not choose from our selection of brush-on mid-fire glazes for a fantastic textured glaze. We also offer a range of Newclay products in a satin or gloss finish.