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Mould Making

Mould MakingMould Making

Our vast range of mould making products are perfect for a large variety of crafts. Use with plaster, resin, latex and more to create interesting and exciting shapes completely unique to you. There are plenty of moulds out there on the market, giving you huge scope to cast a variety of things, but nothing beats making your own. With our collection of mould making products you can quickly and easily create your own moulds, which can be used time and again. Exceptionally versatile, Siligum is one such moulding material you should try out. Suitable for use with plaster, resin and even some waxes and metals, this simple to use material is a must have for all kinds of moulding. To use, simply carve out a shape or press in a solid object to make an impression. It takes just ten minutes to make the finished mould. Another option is Alginate - which is great for making detailed moulds. Alternatively, why not try out our pre-made Gnome moulds set. Available in sets of 4, they’re so simple to use even youngsters can have a go!