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If you're looking to create your own beautiful mosaics then you have come to the right place. At Homecrafts we stock a huge range of mosaics ranging from 10mm to 20mm in a wide variety of colours and finishes - so you can create your own custom mosaic tiles and designs in the comfort of your own home. Mosaic art is simple, fun and can last a lifetime - which is why it's one of the longest-known crafts around. To make your own mosaics could not be easier, simply arrange a collection of mosaic tiles into a pattern and set in place with adhesive, filling in the gaps with grout. Our mosaic tiles come in a wide range of styles. Choose from assortments of cement-based, glass or smalti tiles - each available in an assortment of colours. Then get creating. Mosaic tiles can be made into a huge variety of things, from large-format tiles to decorate your walls, to embellishments for picture frames, jewellery boxes or even to create your own standalone wall art.