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Marbling EquipmentMarbling Equipment

All the accessories you need to enjoy marbling and make the most out of your marble art.

Marbling is one of the simplest artforms to try at home and with this collection of marbling equipment you’ll be creating marbling masterpieces in no time.

Each item listed here is an essential to create fantastic marbled art - and thankfully you don't need much to get started.

Although there are many alternatives, a plastic tray is an essential if you want to keep your workspace clean and tidy and if you want to get the best results - and we have a choice of sizes so you can create art in a variety of sizes.

With our pipette droppers you can disperse colours far more accurately and thanks to their easy to grip handle and long spout they’re ideal for marbling. Combined with a marbling comb, you can create beautiful intricate patterns with ease.

If you want to make marbling a bit easier use Pebeo marbling ground to thicken the water and make colours easier to manipulate.