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Embossing Foils

Embossing FoilEmbossing Foil

Embossing foil has a huge range of applications and can add a stunning decorative effect to a number of projects, including card making, jewellery, stationery, ornaments and artwork. The process of embossing uses a simple tool to recess the foil, creating a pattern which when flipped over appears raised. This ancient artwork enables artists to create intricate detailed metallic designs that would otherwise be impossible to create. All embossing requires is foil, a steady hand and the correct tool. With these three things, you’ll be amazed at what you can create. It's great fun, looks fantastic and can be enjoyed by all the family. Plus, in addition to looking incredible, embossing also offers a fantastic tactile experience. As an alternative means of embossing you can use our Hot Stamp Pen for foil transfer - allowing you to transfer blocks of foil to mediums such as paper, plastic, card or glass.