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Choose from our range of hand-picked gilding products to add a stunning decorative metallic finish to a variety of solid surfaces. Perfect for woodwork, jewellery making, model making and more, we offer a choice of gold leaf, gilding flakes, gilding wax and gilding paste - all of which are suitable for a variety of a variety of surfaces like wood, plaster, glass, metal or card. For the beginner who wants to try gilding for the first time our gold leaf starter sets are a great introduction and contain everything you need to get going. Then, when you feel confident, why not try one of our other products. Traditionally, gilding is most commonly featured on elaborate ornate carvings to give them an added sense of elegance and luxury, but you can apply this technique to almost any solid base. Why not give your next artwork an accent of gold, or perhaps add a touch of copper to a wooden figurine? Maybe you could upcycle an old picture frame and give it a new lease of life or make a gilded candle - it's such an easy process and the options are endless.