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Decoration & Scents

Decoration & ScentsDecoration & Scents

Add the final finishing touches to your candles whether homemade or brought with our assortment of candle fragrances, colours and liquid waxes for decoration.

When making your own candles, if you want to add colour, we have it covered. Choose from solid dyes or liquid candle colours that can be added into your wax before it sets. All you need for a vibrant coloured wax is a couple of drops of Liquid Candle Colour. Why not try green or red for a festive Christmas theme, yellow for springtime or violet and orange for summer?

To decorate pre-bought candles or add more detail to handmade candles you can add extra designs using the assorted coloured wax strips pack or for more detailed designs draw them directly onto your candle with our liquid candle wax pens. To ensure your candle burns longer, don’t forget to add some stearin - and if you want it to smell beautiful at Christmas add a little fragrance for that final professional touch.