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Step by Step Dirty Cup Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic Paint Pouring Acrylic Pouring

Experiment with fluid acrylic pouring today!

Our Free Flow Acryl paint is the ideal starting point for this technique, as it requires very little water to dilute it to the right consistency.

Follow this 'dirty cup pour' step by step tutorial and get started creating your own stunning fluid acrylic canvas painting!

Mix Free Flow Acryl 2:1 with water.
Add a few drops of Ox Gall to help reduce surface tension, and a few drops of silicone oil or linseed oil.

Mix each of your paint colours in this way - the consistency should be like single cream.

Prepare your dirty pour by pouring your prepared paint into a cup, starting with white. Layer up all your colours in this way.

For a 305x305mm canvas, you'll need about 350ml of thinned paint in your dirty cup to ensure good coverage.

Put your canvas on top of the cup, and taking care not to spill any, invert your canvas so the cup is upside down on top of it.

Place the canvas on supports in a plastic tray to catch any drips.

Now comes the reveal!

Pick up your cup and let all the fluid paint pour out over the canvas.

Tilt your canvas around to let the paint cover the entire surface.  

Additional colours can be added by repeating the paint layering and pouring more paint over your canvas.

After adding more colours, tilt the canvas again to cover the canvas evenly and create flowing patterns.  
You can leave your canvas to dry at this stage, but to create additional cells, use a butane gas torch to heat areas of the paint.  
Cells will spontaneously erupt in areas where the butane torch is used.  

The finished piece.

The painted canvas will take around 2 days to dry.

You can add a rich glossy finish to your work by coating it with glazing resin once the paint has fully dried.
Remember to clean off any excess oil from the surface of your painting before varnishing it.