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What would we do without scissors? At Homecrafts, we have a pair of scissors for just about everything. Whatever craft you love, Homecrafts has a pair of scissors designed just for the job. Our scissors don’t just cut paper and card, we have scissors for embroidery, thread and textiles, precision scissors, left-handed scissors and safety scissors for kids. Cut quickly, accurately and safely with our selection of scissors. Sharp, safe and ready to go, there’s no need to struggle opening packaging or cutting with craft knifes when you have a good quality pair of scissors to hand. A card-makers essential tool – scissors can be used for a number of embellishments. And where would we be without beautiful hand-cut snowflakes come Christmas. Outside of crafting, scissors have an almost limitless number of uses. Without scissors, no meal would be complete. You can cut sausages, separate bacon, trim your green beans and more. Outside the home, scissors are great for gardening – giving you a means of trimming where secateurs just won’t cut it (literally). Then, there’s personal grooming - how many times have you made a last-minute fringe trim? Just think how life would be without scissors! Perhaps the most essential and versatile household tool - if you haven’t got some already, buy a pair of scissors today.