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Calligraphy PensCalligraphy Pens

Calligraphy is growing in popularity due to increased exposure both online and via social media – so why not try it for yourself with some of these amazing pens, nibs, inks and calligraphy sets. With the increased prominence of typography, you can really make sure your work stands out by mastering the fantastic art of calligraphy and adding it to your craft designs. Simple to try, basic Calligraphy can be a breeze but it’s when you add your own unique spin that it really takes off and becomes a really personalised art form. Great for decals, name plates, card making and more you can replicate your finished work, reproduce it digitally and apply your calligraphy to almost anything. Our products cover every level of experience from basic starter sets up to deluxe and we also offer a large collection of italic markers so you can create beautiful calligraphy in an instant without the need for ink cartridges or pots.