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Pastel Pencils

Pastel PencilsPastel Pencils

Enjoy all the benefits of pastels within the comfort and familiarity of a pencil. At Homecrafts we love pastels, which is why we offer you a huge range of pastels in every colour imaginable. But, from time to time, particularly when you want to create a pastel image with lots of detail, you need a pastel pencil. Known for their high pigment, pastels create bold, vibrant colours with the added bonus that they can be blended giving you a rich colour palette to choose from. Unlike traditional soft pastels, pastel pencils offer a slightly harder core making them a better choice for more detailed work and for added subtle shading. Our collection of pastel pencils have been hand-picked for their quality and offer our customers a large assortment of colours. Choose from the leading brand Conte or Bruynzeel to give you the highest quality finish with a smooth laydown. And, of course, they're available at a fantastic price.