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Oil Pastels

Oil PastelsOil Pastels

If you love pastels like we love pastels you'll be amazed at our fantastic collection of oil pastels - available in almost every colour imaginable. We stock only the best brands including Filia, Reeves and Specialist Crafts. An alternative to soft pastels, oil pastels are a delight in the hand and have a creamy soft texture which makes the vibrant colour easy to apply. Because they are made with an oil base as opposed to a chalk base, oil pastels do not brush off the surface like chalk pastels, instead they retain a slight viscosity as they never dry out fully, which means that the colours can be manipulated or blended by using a brush dipped in solvent. Packed with pigment, pastels are great for artwork that needs to be bright and vivid and because of their chunky solid construction they’re perfect for block work or sharpen the tip to make them ideal for detailing.