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Watercolour PaintWatercolour Paint

Choose from watercolour pads, paints and introductory sets. At Homecrafts we have everything you need for watercolour painting. One of the most natural-looking and easy to pick up techniques, watercolour painting is particularly suited to landscapes due to its naturally blending colours and lack of precise detail. It is this that makes watercolour painting so accessible and a great place to start out if you have never tried painting before. Not only is watercolour painting one of the easiest forms of painting it’s also one of the most portable - thanks to the compact nature of watercolour sets. All you need is a small tin of block colours, some water, a paintbrush and a place to mix your paint and you're away. Create an infinite array of colours by simple mixing or add water for subtle tones and colour washes. For the best results use a high quality watercolour paper, available as individual sheets or in pads which are ideal to take along on your next painting adventure.