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Acrylic Paint Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a fantastic painting medium and is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Acrylic paint is often compared to oil-based paint, but offers a much quicker drying time, can be used on a multitude of surfaces including card, canvas and board, is lightfast (so it won’t fade over time), and is odourless and non-toxic – so you can paint indoors without any worry.

Acrylic paint is intermixable and offers a huge variety of colours and thicknesses – allowing you to experiment with different styles of painting and a variety of techniques; X2 Free Flow Acryl is a fluid paint perfect for Acrylic Pouring, whereas X6 Premium Acryl is a thick paint ideal for Impasto painting as it can be manipulated with a palette knife or brush and dry with textures similar to that of an oil painting but much quicker. Alternatively, why not try our X4 Standard Acryl, an intermediate blend that rivals the quality of System 3 but at a much better price. If you’re interested in painting with acrylics, why not begin with this X6 Acrylic Paint Set, a premium acrylic starter kit offering a lot of paint at a fantastic price.