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Indian Ink

Indian InkIndian Ink

One of the oldest known drawing mediums, Indian Ink is renowned for its strong black colour due to its high pigmentation. The properties of Indian Ink mean that it is perfect for illustration and outlining thanks to its dense black colour. Because of its density, it is also ideal for creating large blocks of solid black colour making Indian Ink perfect for creating monochrome artwork. A staple choice of illustrators, Indian Ink can be used for drawing and calligraphy to create vivid works including landscapes and portraiture and can be combined with other methods for mixed media work. The free-flowing ink can be applied using a brush, ink-pen or airbrush and the finished result will be permanent and waterproof, so it's perfect for work you don't want to fade. Our choice of Indian Ink ranges from small 14ml dropper bottles to bulk buy 5 litre bottles and offers great value Indian Ink with high-end quality.