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Sharpeners & Erasers

Sharpeners & ErasersSharpeners & Erasers

If you're working with pencil then don’t forget these essentials - a good quality pencil sharpener and an eraser. Everyone makes mistakes, make sure yours isn't costly. By keeping the correct eraser in hand you’ll ensure that one lapse of concentration does not ruin your final piece of work. Our selection of erasers covers every need. From super soft erasers for pencil and charcoal, to putty rubbers for removing even hard to erase coloured pencil and professional results on a range of art materials including graphite, charcoal and pastel - we have it all. We even have whiteboard erasers to remove marker pens. As for pencil sharpeners - we all know you cannot create controlled art with fine detail without a good sharpener. Choose from hand-cranked sharpeners to electric sharpeners or opt for an old-fashioned pocket pencil sharpener, or even a special cone-shaped sharpener for narrow pencils like Prismacolour.