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Anatomical Figures

Anatomical FiguresAnatomical Figures

Choose from our selection of artists anatomical figures with a choice of hands, horse and male and female figurines. Incredible value at under £4! Anatomical figures have been used by artists for generations as a platform to establish proportion and scale when drawing the human anatomy and with these completely adjustable artists figurines you can do just that in a variety of poses. Also known as artists mannequins or lay figures, each figure has been designed with flexible joints giving you a range of movements so you can manipulate them from anything from a standing to a sitting position. For added detail, we also offer fully flexible anatomical hands that have movement in all of the knuckles and the wrists. For fans of equine art, we also sell a fantastic wooden anatomical horse that can also be moved into a wide variety of positions to simulate the movement of a horse from being stationary to mid gallop.